Mouth Watering Snacks



Two Crispy stuffed with potatoes & spice

Sev Poori $5.99

Sev Poori


Stuffed crispy balls with sev and chutneys

Pav Vada $5.50

Pav Vada


Deep fried potatoes ball sandwich with spices

Masala Chaat $6.25

Masala Chaat


Crispy flat wafers toppled with pota- toes, Chana and Chutneys

Dahi Papdi Chaat $6.25

Dahi Papdi Chaat


Crunchy flat papdi with boiled pota- toes with yogurt and chutneys

Hara Bhara Bhel $6.75

Hara Bhara Bhel


Puffed Indian Rice mix with addition of Tomatoes, Potatoes and Chutneys

Pani Poori $6.25

Pani Poori


Crispy Balled wafers serve with spicy mint water, Potatoes and Chana

Sprout Bhel $6.75

Sprout Bhel


Sprouted Moong mixed with Potatoes, Tomatoes and Chutneys

Bhel Poori $5.99

Bhel Poori


Puffed Indian rice mix with Potatoes, Chana and house chutneys

Paneer Pakora $6.99

Paneer Pakora


House made Indian Cheese deep Fried with Chick Pea Flour

Dahi Bateta Sev Poori $5.99

Dahi Bateta Sev Poori


Stuffed crispy balls with sev , yogurt and chutneys

Mixed Pakora $6.49

Mixed Pakora


Mix Vegetable mixed with Chick Pea Flour and Deep Fried

Dahi Bateta Poori $5.99

Dahi Bateta Poori


Stuffed crispy balls with yogurt and chutneys

Chili Pakora $6.99

Chili Pakora


Slice of Serrano Chili Deep Fried with Chick Pea Flour

Gobi Manchurian $7.99

Gobi Manchurian


Deep Fried Cauliflower then Sautéed in our special Hot and Sweet Sauce

Idli Manchurian $7.99

Idli Manchurian


Deep Fried Idli Sautéed in our special Hot and Sweet Sauce

Dahi Vada $6.99

Dahi Vada


Three Deep Fried Urad Balls toppled with Yogurt and Special blend of Spices

Ragada Pattice $7.99

Ragada Pattice


Potato Patty toppled With Green Peas Curry Chutneys

Bateta Vada $5.25

Bateta Vada


Two deep fried balls made from mashed potatoes and exotic Indian spices dipped in chickpea flour

Chaat Samosa $7.25

Chaat Samosa


Samosa Toppled with Chana Masala with Chutneys

Dal Vada $7.50

Dal Vada


Ground Moong Dal deep Fried with Spices and serve with Chutneys

Vegetable Cutlets $5.99

Vegetable Cutlets


Smashed Potato made in Patti Serve with Chutney

Aloo Tikki with Chana $6.99

Aloo Tikki with Chana


Deep Fried Potato Patty toppled with Chana and Chutneys

Sev Usal $7.49

Sev Usal


Green Peas Cooked in Special Sauce served with Thin Crunchy Noodles ( Sev)



Crushed Potato with our special sauce sandwiched with Veg Bread

Chaat Paradise Chaat Basket $6.99

Chaat Paradise Chaat Basket


Crispy Basket Like Wafers topped with our special mix of Chana Potatoes and Chutney with Yogurt

Usal Pav $7.49

Usal Pav


Green Peas Cooked in Special Spices with Chutneys and Served with Bread

Spicy Misal $7.49

Spicy Misal


Moth Bean Cooked in Spicy Gravy served with Pav ( bread)

Chili Idli $6.99

Chili Idli


Deep Fried Crunchy Idly Sautéed with Bell Pepper and Special Sauce

Gujarati Kachori $8.99

Gujarati Kachori


Crushes Pegion Peas cooked in Spice and deep Fried with Special Crunchy Balls

Sabudana Vada $7.99

Sabudana Vada


Tapioca Beans Mixed with Spices and deep fried

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