Mouth Watering Snacks



Two Piece Crispy stuffed with potatoes & spice

Sev Poori $5.99

Sev Poori


Stuffed crispy balls with sev and chutneys

Pav Vada $6.50

Pav Vada


Deep fried potatoes ball sandwich with spices

Masala Chaat $6.99

Masala Chaat


Crispy flat wafers toppled with pota- toes, Chana and Chutneys

Dahi Papdi Chaat $6.99

Dahi Papdi Chaat


Crunchy flat papdi with boiled pota- toes with yogurt and chutneys

Hara Bhara Bhel $7.49

Hara Bhara Bhel


Puffed Indian Rice mix with addition of Tomatoes, Potatoes and Chutneys

Pani Poori $6.99

Pani Poori


Crispy Balled wafers serve with spicy mint water, Potatoes and Chana

Sprout Bhel $7.49

Sprout Bhel


Sprouted Moong mixed with Potatoes, Tomatoes and Chutneys

Bhel Poori $6.99

Bhel Poori


Puffed Indian rice mix with Potatoes, Chana and house chutneys

Paneer Pakora $7.99

Paneer Pakora


House made Indian Cheese deep Fried with Chick Pea Flour

Dahi Bateta Sev Poori $5.99

Dahi Bateta Sev Poori


Stuffed crispy balls with sev , yogurt and chutneys

Mix Pakora $7.99

Mix Pakora


Mix Vegetable mixed with Chick Pea Flour and Deep Fried

Dahi Bateta Poori $5.99

Dahi Bateta Poori


Stuffed crispy balls with yogurt and chutneys

Chili Pakora $7.99

Chili Pakora


Slice of Serrano Chili Deep Fried with Chick Pea Flour

Gobi Manchurian $8.99

Gobi Manchurian


Deep Fried Cauliflower then Sautéed in our special Hot and Sweet Sauce

Idli Manchurian $8.99

Idli Manchurian


Deep Fried Idli Sautéed in our special Hot and Sweet Sauce

Dahi Vada $7.49

Dahi Vada


Three Deep Fried Urad Balls toppled with Yogurt and Special blend of Spices

Ragada Pattice $8.99

Ragada Pattice


Potato Patty toppled With Green Peas Curry Chutneys

Bateta Vada $5.25

Bateta Vada


Two deep fried balls made from mashed potatoes and exotic Indian spices dipped in chickpea flour

Chaat Samosa $7.99

Chaat Samosa


Samosa Toppled with Chana Masala with Chutneys

Dal Vada $7.99

Dal Vada


Ground Moong Dal deep Fried with Spices and serve with Chutneys

Veggi Cutlet $6.49

Veggi Cutlet


Smashed Potato made in Patti Serve with Chutney

Aloo Tikki with Chana $7.99

Aloo Tikki with Chana


Deep Fried Potato Patty toppled with Chana and Chutneys

Sev Usal $8.49

Sev Usal


Green Peas Cooked in Special Sauce served with Thin Crunchy Noodles ( Sev)



Crushed Potato with our special sauce sandwiched with Veg Bread

Chaat Paradise Chaat Basket $7.49

Chaat Paradise Chaat Basket


Crispy Basket Like Wafers topped with our special mix of Chana Potatoes and Chutney with Yogurt

Usal Pav $8.49

Usal Pav


Green Peas Cooked in Special Spices with Chutneys and Served with Bread

Misal Pav $8.49

Misal Pav


Moth Bean Cooked in Spicy Gravy served with Pav ( bread)

Chili Idli $7.99

Chili Idli


Deep Fried Crunchy Idly Sautéed with Bell Pepper and Special Sauce

Gujarati Kachori $9.99

Gujarati Kachori


Crushes Pegion Peas cooked in Spice and deep Fried with Special Crunchy Balls

Sabudana Vada $8.99

Sabudana Vada


Tapioca Beans Mixed with Spices and deep fried


Kulfi $3.99



Indian style special variety of ice cream

Ras Malai $5.49

Ras Malai


Home Made Panner Balled Serve with Saffron Flavoured Cremy Milk

Kheer $3.99



Creamy Aromatic Rice Pudding with Nuts

Gulab Jamun $3.99

Gulab Jamun


Deep Fried Milky Balls in Sweet Sugar Syrup

Exotic Refreshments

Masala Chai $3.99

Masala Chai


Very Traditional Indian Tea Made with Special blend of Spice like Cardamom and other spices

Khus Lassi $4.99

Khus Lassi


Classic yogurt drink flavored with Khus Syrup

Desi Coffee $4.99

Desi Coffee


Made with Indian Coffee with Milk

Mango Lassi $4.99

Mango Lassi


Very Popular Yogurt mixed with Mango Pulp drink

Gulab Lassi $4.99

Gulab Lassi


Yogurt drink flavored with Rose Syrup

Lassi (Sweet or Salted) $4.49

Lassi (Sweet or Salted)


Refreshing yogurt drink salted or sweetened

Fanta / Thumbs Up / Limca $2.99

Fanta / Thumbs Up / Limca


Mini Lunch /Dinner available all day

Methi Thepla with Traditional Aloo Curry $10.99

Methi Thepla with Traditional Aloo Curry


Two whole wheat bread with spices, methi with potatoes delicately spiced with fresh cumin & spices

House Thali-II


Three Daily Vegetable with Kadhi Rice and Plain Paratha with Chas or Soda

Gujarati Thali


(Friday, Saturday and Sunday only)
Traditional Gujarati Food served in this Thali



(Weekends only)
Traditional Favorite Gujarati Dish serve with Two Deep Fried Fluffy Bread

Chat Paradise Vegetable Curry

Capsicum curry $10.99

Capsicum curry


Sautéed bell pepper simmered in on- ion, tomato gravy with subtle mix of spices

Kashmiri Dum Aloo $11.99

Kashmiri Dum Aloo


Aloo- Spiced Stuffed Potato Cooked in Tomato Gravy with Paneer

Aloo Masala $10.99

Aloo Masala


Flavorful Mashed potatoes are spiced with mustard seeds, turmeric and spices

Chana Masala $10.99

Chana Masala


Traditional Chana Cooked in Gravy with Touch of Dry Mango Powder

Bhindi Masala $11.99

Bhindi Masala


Fresh sautéed okra cooked with onions and special spiced

Aloo Baingan $8.99

Aloo Baingan


Eggplant and potatoes cooked to- gether in house special spices

Tadka Daal


Chana Dal Cooked with Cumin Ginger Garlic and Mustard Seed

Aloo Tomato $10.99

Aloo Tomato


Potatoes and Tomato cooked in Chaat Paradise Spiced Gravy

Aloo Gobi matter $10.99

Aloo Gobi matter


Potato cooked with cauliflower and Peas with Spices

Kofta Curry $11.99

Kofta Curry


Two pc Mix Veg Dumpling cooked in Special Creamy Tomato Curry

Aloo Gobi


Cauliflower cooked with Potato with touch of Ginger and Spices

Chaat Paradise Special Sabji $10.99

Chaat Paradise Special Sabji


Mix Vegetable cooked in Special Spiced and Ingredients

Dal fry


Popular and very Healthy Moong Dal with Touch of Cumin and Muster seed

Saag paneer $10.99

Saag paneer


Traditional Punjabi Dish cooked with Ground Spinach and Paneer

Dal Makhani $10.99

Dal Makhani


Traditional Punjabi delicacy with Balk Dal with touch of Cream and Butter

Malai Paneer $11.99

Malai Paneer


Famous dish Cooked with Special Creamy Tomato Sauce with Paneer

Dal Panchvati $10.99

Dal Panchvati


Very Healthy option of this five different lentil mix dal with touch of Garlic and Ginger

Chili Paneer $11.99

Chili Paneer


Sautéed Bell pepper Onion Cooked in our Special Hot and Sweet Sauce

Spinach Daal $10.99

Spinach Daal


Toor dal made with Ground Spinach with touch of Cumin Seed

Sev Tomato


Traditional Gujarati Dish made with Tomato and Dry Noddle serve on top with touch of Garlic Chutney

Baingan Bhartha $10.99

Baingan Bhartha


Crushed oven baked Egg Plant cooked with Sautéed Onion and Touch of Cream and Spices



Yogurt blended in Chick Pea Flour and cook with Sautéed Onion

Karahi Paneer $11.99

Karahi Paneer


Sautéed Bell pepper and Onion cooked in light Tomato Gravy with Hot and Sweet Sauce

Paneer Bhurji $11.99

Paneer Bhurji


Grated Paneer cooked in Sautéed Onion with Touch of Green Onion and Cumin

Fresh Tava Cooked Bread - Made with Whole Wheat Flour

To Go Only

10 Roti (To Go Only) $5.99

10 Roti (To Go Only)


Whole Wheat Home Made Roti pack of 10 rotis

20 Roti (To Go Only) $11.99

20 Roti (To Go Only)


Whole Wheat Home Made Roti pack of 20 rotis

Khandvi $7.99



Chick Pea Flour cooked with yogurt and spiced then rolled up

Dhokla $6.99



Steam Cooked Lentil and Chick Pea flour with our house spices serve with green chutney

Guju Methi Thepla $6.99

Guju Methi Thepla


Whole Wheat Flour mixed with Fenugreek leaves and spices, pan cooked

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