Chat Paradise Vegetable Curry

Capsicum curry $10.99

Capsicum curry


Sautéed bell pepper simmered in on- ion, tomato gravy with subtle mix of spices

Kashmiri Dum Aloo $11.99

Kashmiri Dum Aloo


Aloo- Spiced Stuffed Potato Cooked in Tomato Gravy with Paneer

Aloo Masala $10.99

Aloo Masala


Flavorful Mashed potatoes are spiced with mustard seeds, turmeric and spices

Chana Masala $10.99

Chana Masala


Traditional Chana Cooked in Gravy with Touch of Dry Mango Powder

Bhindi Masala $11.99

Bhindi Masala


Fresh sautéed okra cooked with onions and special spiced

Aloo Baingan $8.99

Aloo Baingan


Eggplant and potatoes cooked to- gether in house special spices

Tadka Daal


Chana Dal Cooked with Cumin Ginger Garlic and Mustard Seed

Aloo Tomato $10.99

Aloo Tomato


Potatoes and Tomato cooked in Chaat Paradise Spiced Gravy

Aloo Gobi matter $10.99

Aloo Gobi matter


Potato cooked with cauliflower and Peas with Spices

Kofta Curry $11.99

Kofta Curry


Two pc Mix Veg Dumpling cooked in Special Creamy Tomato Curry

Aloo Gobi


Cauliflower cooked with Potato with touch of Ginger and Spices

Chaat Paradise Special Sabji $10.99

Chaat Paradise Special Sabji


Mix Vegetable cooked in Special Spiced and Ingredients

Dal fry


Popular and very Healthy Moong Dal with Touch of Cumin and Muster seed

Saag paneer $10.99

Saag paneer


Traditional Punjabi Dish cooked with Ground Spinach and Paneer

Dal Makhani $10.99

Dal Makhani


Traditional Punjabi delicacy with Balk Dal with touch of Cream and Butter

Malai Paneer $11.99

Malai Paneer


Famous dish Cooked with Special Creamy Tomato Sauce with Paneer

Dal Panchvati $10.99

Dal Panchvati


Very Healthy option of this five different lentil mix dal with touch of Garlic and Ginger

Chili Paneer $11.99

Chili Paneer


Sautéed Bell pepper Onion Cooked in our Special Hot and Sweet Sauce

Spinach Daal $10.99

Spinach Daal


Toor dal made with Ground Spinach with touch of Cumin Seed

Sev Tomato


Traditional Gujarati Dish made with Tomato and Dry Noddle serve on top with touch of Garlic Chutney

Baingan Bhartha $10.99

Baingan Bhartha


Crushed oven baked Egg Plant cooked with Sautéed Onion and Touch of Cream and Spices



Yogurt blended in Chick Pea Flour and cook with Sautéed Onion

Karahi Paneer $11.99

Karahi Paneer


Sautéed Bell pepper and Onion cooked in light Tomato Gravy with Hot and Sweet Sauce

Paneer Bhurji $11.99

Paneer Bhurji


Grated Paneer cooked in Sautéed Onion with Touch of Green Onion and Cumin

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