Mini Lunch

Pav Bhaji $8.79

Pav Bhaji


Mix Steam Cooked and Ground Veggies with Our Special Spices

Chana Bhatura $8.79

Chana Bhatura


Garbanzo beans cooked in special blend of spices with puffed leavened bread

Masala Poori $9.79

Masala Poori


Two pc poori with Potato Subji

Poori Bhaji $8.79

Poori Bhaji


Traditional Dish from Mumbai Served with 2pc Poori with Dried Aloo Ma- sala

Sabudana Khichdi $9.99

Sabudana Khichdi


Tapioca beans cooked with Potato and spices

Maki De Roti & Sag $10.99

Maki De Roti & Sag


Corn flour bread fried and spinach cooked with herbs

Methi Thepla with Aloo Curry $9.79

Methi Thepla with Aloo Curry


Two whole wheat bread with spices, methi with potatoes delicately spiced with fresh cumin & spices

Kadhi Chaval $8.49

Kadhi Chaval


Chickpea Flour blended in Yogurt and Spices Served with Rice

House Thali-I $11.99

House Thali-I


Three Daily Vegetable with Dal Rice Roti and Sweet with Chaas or Soda

Dal Dhokli $9.79

Dal Dhokli


Traditional Gujarati Style Whole Wheat Spiced Bread in Spiced Lentil Soup

House Thali-II $12.99

House Thali-II


Three Daily Vegetable with Kadhi Rice and Plain Paratha with Chas or Soda

Vegetable Biryani $8.49

Vegetable Biryani


Mix Veggie cooked with Basmati Rice with our special Biryani Masala

Bhel Thali $12.99

Bhel Thali


Small Portion of Bhel Served with House Thali 1 with Chaas or Soda

Veggie Khichadi $8.49

Veggie Khichadi


Mix veggie cooked with Rice and Lentil with touch of Cumin Tadka

Gujarati Thali $13.99

Gujarati Thali


(Friday, Saturday and Sunday only)
Traditional Gujarati Food served in this Thali

Masala Makki Roti Saag $10.99

Masala Makki Roti Saag


Spice Corn Flour Bread Severed with Tradi- tional Sag

Poori-Undhiyu $12.99



(Weekends only)
Traditional Favorite Gujarati Dish serve with Two Deep Fried Fluffy Bread

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